Promotional shots & official trailer for COMMANDO NINJA, is an 80s action comedy, tribute to the Action Hero Movies, written and directed by Benjamin Combes.

John is a Vietnam Green Beret Vet, Half Commando, Half Ninja, whose daughter has been abducted by a secret Ninja Organization, led by a Central-American dictator, who wants to create a new-world order... through time.

Starring : Eric Carlesi, Philippe Allier, Olivier (aka DOBBS) Dobremel, Stéphane Asensio, Cécile Fargues, Anaëlle Rincent

Sound Design : Arnaud Noble
Music : OGRE (Robin Ogden), Thomas Cappeau
Animated Logos : BLOOD+CHROME
Stills & Promotional shots : Ludwig Oblin - Lytnim

Promotional Shots
Photographies made to introduce the main characters for promotional purpose, base material for the posters' creation and as a reward for the Kickstarter's backers.
John (Eric Carlesi)
Colonel Kinsky (Olivier Dobremel)
Pizza Killer (Stéphane Asensio)
Red Ninja
Movie posters illustrated by Oskar Ankarudd based on my photos and stills.
Official (left) and Alternative (right).
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