"Here I was again wandering in this place: cold, damp and shrouded in darkness. Felt like coming back home. But this time, I felt like someone was watching me..."
"As I tried to find out who was watching me, turned out it was a mirror.
However, the reflection was different: he looked like me but his clothes were more colorful, warmer, than mine and looked angry and depressed though..."

"With this gun in his hand I thought he was about to shoot me, or himself, but he dropped it, and said sadly:

« It's only when what you love is about to end, you realize how much it was precious to you.»

I wanted to cheer him up, how I felt sorry for him, tell him it is not over yet..."
When suddenly, I heard the click of a gun.

The reflection changed, it became truly me, wearing the same clothes but with the gun in his hand pointed at me.

And he told me bitterly..."
« It ended because you wanted to.»
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