This guy is a total mystery.
He came out of the blue, claiming he was the savior of the American people.
But, he looked more like a biker or a Vietnam War veteran than a messiah to me...
And yet, this madman started to swipe out criminals, corrupted politicians, crooks, etc.
everyone that looked like a scum.

The weirdest thing I remembered about him was that bullets seemed to dodge him and the words he kept on repeating to everyone running into him.
"Fear not, people of the United States of America! For I will save you from evil, I shall free you from its corruption, free you from its madness, I shall set you all free!
Have faith, people of the United States.
Have faith in your savior,
Have faith, as I am the American God!"
"What if the USA had their own mythology, just like the Greeks or Romans, and how would it looks like?"
This is the question that started this set, I wanted to depict my own USA's "Zeus" equivalent throught its own symbols that have been fantasized with pop culture and movies: biker leather jacket, sunglasses, firearm, bandana and of course, the US flag.
Model: Philippe Allier
Custom airsoft shotgun replica by Nicolas Ossorguine
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