Stills I've done for COMMANDO NINJA, an 80s action comedy, tribute to the Action Hero Movies, written and directed by Benjamin Combes.

John is a Vietnam Green Beret Vet, Half Commando, Half Ninja, whose daughter has been abducted by a secret Ninja Organization, led by a Central-American dictator, who wants to create a new-world order... through time.

Starring: Eric Carlesi, Philippe Allier, Olivier Dobremel (aka DOBBS), Stéphane Asensio,
Cécile Fargues, Anaëlle Rincent, Charlotte Poncin
, Thyra Hann Phonephet.

Co-producer: James Secker

Sound Design:
Alexis Laugier, Arnaud Noble, Benoît Marsalone, Eric Maugérard
Music: Thomas Cappeau, addtional music by OGRE (Robin Ogden), Volt Age, Flash Arnold, Cobra Copter

Animated Logos : BLOOD+CHROME
Stills & Promotional shots : Ludwig Oblin - Lytnim

WARNING: The following stills contain spoilers and NSFW materials.
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