"Derrière le Masque" is a series of video essays about special effects in movies directed
by Romain Houlès, SFX makeup artist.
I worked as cinematographer on S02.E01 : Lifeforce

Directing & story by
Produced by

Production assistant
Cinematography by
Makeup by
Studio manager
Making-of by
Special thanks to
ALT236 (Voice-over)
Océane Husson (Space Lady)
Sébastien Bezard-falgas (Zombie)

Léa Schabo
Youri Vanhoorebeke
Guillaume Romera
Florian Diluzio & Thomas Leblanc
Romain Nicolas
The Interzone

This is a city entirely built up with authentic VHS tapes (around 600) lighten with LED strips and lamps to create Blade Runner-esque feel.
This set was both used in the intro and outro of this episode.
the Zombie comes to life
Step-by-step SFX make up by Romain Houlès of the Zombie (Sébastien Bezard-falgas)
the Space lady
Shots showcasing the Space Lady (Océane Husson), makeup by Morgan Faury
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