NewRetroWave is a network dedicated to promoting the best in the emerging Retrowave scene.
For those who are not familiar, Retrowave is a growing culture that harnesses and creates many aspects, inspirations and feelings from 80's and 90's music, art and film for today's generation.
It is a rebirth of the passion we have lost during those retro days.
Since it's EST. in Nov 2011, NewRetroWave has grown and evolved into a prominent musical hub and online presence where the Retrowave scene is given its due exposure.
Some of my works were published on NewRetroWave to be featured with talented artists such as Power Glove, The Midnight, KRISTINE, Michael Oakley, NINA, Daniel Deluxe, WOLFCLUB, Das Mörtal, ORAX, ALEX, Tokyo Rose, Timecop1983.

"The American God"
Model: Philippe Allier

Model: Meufmoche

"Confessions in The Dark"
Model: Shirley Ruby

Model: Fantine Guiton
Makeup Artist: Blandine Deschamps
Assistant: Pauline Dusserre-Telmont
Studio: HANGAR '84

Model: Eldy Muziotti

"1984, The Future"

"Neon Lytnim"

"Burning in The Third Degree"
Model: Carmela D.
Makeup & Hair artist: Fiona Linard

"Neon Jungle"

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